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The duties include inspecting the equipment mechanical components and its engine, diagnosing problems and performing maintenance and repair work on ground support equipment.

Your responsibilities and deliverables:

  • Repair, maintained & service Ground Support Equipment (GSE) unit/ any related equipment or vehicle as assigned based on TCR standard

  • Perform daily timesheet based on ELC requirement. Please ensure the form is completed with employee’s & supervisor’s signature before send it to Admin Operation Executive/any related person for key in purposes.

  • Perform welding task on GSE unit or any equipment or vehicle as assigned (motorised and non-motorised)

  • Perform and follow all maintenance and/or service schedules (e.g : daily, weekly, monthly services, servicing sheet) as assigned to ensure consistent and satisfactory performance as per TCR standard

  • Attend to unit / any related equipment or vehicle breakdown as assigned

  • Report to leader and carry out all required task assigned

  • Your work hours and duty roster may change depends on your duties and responsibilities assigned from time to time

  • Always wear PPE before enter workplace. Please report any accident/near miss to safety committee members, or to your direct manager soonest possible without fail

  • Comply with company’s rules & regulations

  • You will be required to work on other duties and responsibilities by the Company from time to time.


Kuala Lumpur International Airport

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